Many college athletes face difficulties in transitioning from college into a career. The demands of year-round training combined with the rigors of academics make it difficult for student-athletes to pursue meaningful work experiences, develop business networks, and get involved in other resume enhancing activities.

In today’s competitive business environment, employers are looking for employees with a broad range of skills and experiences in addition to a sound academic background.

ONE Clemson is a 501(3)(c) organization that consists of Clemson alumni with successful careers in professional sports and business with an interest in helping our Clemson student-athletes transition into their careers. Our goals include:

• Enhancing the student experience of the student-athlete,
• Assisting with their transition from college to career, and
• Keeping them engaged with Clemson for life.

ONE Clemson raises funds through an annual golf tournament and ‘Main Event’ party and auction, as well as our ‘Legends’ on-location bowl parties. Your participation in these events helps us fund several initiatives aimed at helping Clemson student-athletes pursue their careers. These initiatives include:

• Funding on-campus internships to provide relevant work experience
• Identifying companies interested in hiring Clemson student-athletes
• Assisting with business networking, and
• Creating community service opportunities.

ONE Clemson is making a positive impact through the funding of student-athlete internships, participating in networking events, connecting student-athletes with potential employment opportunities, and re-engaging former student-athletes with the University.

We appreciate your involvement in ONE Clemson as we help those students who have given us much enjoyment, entertainment and school pride through their athletic performances.